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Don't Let the World of Ceramics Baffle You!

Don't Let the World of Ceramics Baffle You! 0

If the world of ceramics, stoneware, and china baffle you, you’re not alone. Many of the fabrication terms in use today no longer mean what they once did, and the fact that some are used interchangeably only complicates the issue further. Do you know the difference between china or porcelain? Let us help clarify this a little so that
Thanking the Wedding Party

Thanking the Wedding Party 0

After you've enjoyed celebrating your big day, there's a certain group of people who need thanking on this special wedding occasion and that's the Wedding Party! Read our latest blog post on why it's important to show your appreciation for those who helped make your day mean so much to you. We will help remind you of all those awesome individuals who had a role in making your day the...
Customise Any Of Our Products

Customise Any Of Our Products 0

Thank you to Holly Fernquest for sending a picture of her mugs. Holly ordered 4 of our pregnancy announcement mugs to break the news to her family she is expecting again.  So I just thought I'd highlight how you change the wording on any of our products.  This mug is displayed with the message "Get Ready... You're Going to Be a Grandma".
Upcycling Your Used Wine Bottles

Upcycling Your Used Wine Bottles 0

You might already be recycling your used wine bottles, but have you considered upcycling your empty bottle and putting it to good practical use? There are plenty of ways you can reuse your wine bottle to make a great household item, and here at Really Wordy, we have endeavoured to find the weirdest and most wonderful creations that will add value...
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8 Ways to Ask: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

8 Ways to Ask: Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 0

Here are our Top 8 creative ways you can pop the question: "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Surprise your best friend and make it a special event you'll remember forever! You can spend a few pennies or a few pounds but either way, just getting the sentiment right will ensure your bridesmaid know without a doubt just how much you want her by your side...
Explore 25 Delicious Things to Eat With Rosé Wine

Explore 25 Delicious Things to Eat With Rosé Wine 0

Here are some delicious recipes that pair beautifully with a bottle of Rosé.  Delicious things to eat and quick to prepare for entertaining or having a quiet night in, just you and your partner. Summer's the perfect time for discovering new recipes and besides what doesn't taste better with a gorgeous glass of wine right?