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Thanking the Wedding Party

Thanking the Wedding Party

Have you just recently celebrated your magical Wedding Day? Now the festivities have finally come to a close, you'll need to start thanking all those wonderful people who supported you throughout the beautiful ceremony and afterparty! As you sit down to ponder who needs to be thanked on this occasion, Really Wordy's latest blog post will help remind you of all those awesome individuals who had a role in making your day the best it could possibly be...

Who are the Wedding Party? 

Whether its offering advice, capturing every moment or helping the Bride plan her hen night, it can't be denied how much these people are valued for their endless offerings of support. There's no need to worry, as we don't expect you to invest or splash out an extravagant, expensive gift for everyone involved... We know all that's necessary is a simplistic but meaningful card - just as long as it comes from the heart!

So, who does the Wedding Party consist of and how can we thank them?

Maid/Matron of Honour and Best Man 

Either in charge of holding the Bride's wedding dress in place during toilet trips or making everybody laugh during the reception with their show-stopping speech, both the Maid/Matron of Honour and the Best Man are an integral part of the ceremony. By the Bride or Groom's side both in the run-up and throughout the big day, they are two of the most important people to thank for their constant support, encouragement and love. They commit to standing by the couple from the very first day! It is a great idea to really show them their part in your beautiful story has been appreciated for all its worth by writing them a lovely letter of your thanks... a beautifully designed card is something they can keep forever as a reminder of such a fabulous day. And, who knows, you might find yourself standing by them on their biggest day next!

Mother & Father of the Bride and Groom

Your mum and/or dad are one of the biggest parts of your day, whether they've helped you financially, provided unconditional support or been there on every trip to scout venues. Watching their child grow up to eventually have a wedding of their own is a very moving and special day for them, as much as it is you! They may have walked you down the aisle or tirelessly helped you get ready - either way they're always there to make you smile at your Wedding. It may not be top of our lists to thank them because we can forget how much we appreciate them when they're support is always there! But by letting them know you took the time to think about all the things they did you truly appreciate, it will make them know how happy you are. It's a very sweet way of showing their help never goes unnoticed. 

The New In-Laws

And alongside our own parents, we must never forget the new family we're becoming a part of! A brilliant way of getting in the In-Laws good books is thanking them for their support during the Wedding. letting them know how excited you are to officially be a part of their family is a really great way of showing wedding etiquette, as long as it's genuine! They'll really appreciate knowing you're looking forward to spending time with them and spending the rest of your life as their new daughter or son-in-law. Whether they were there on your big day or sending their support from somewhere far, sending a sweet token of your appreciation through a lovely gift card is a thoughtful idea...

Bridesmaids & Groomsman 

Alongside thanking your Maid of Honour and Best Man, you mustn't forget to thank another wonderful group of individuals who were also close-by and on-hand through all the planning and big event... The Bridesmaids and Groomsman! You choose them from day one - a group of your closest friends or family - and they became a very big part of making sure you were always happy, relaxed and (most importantly) never without food or drink! A really kind gesture to show how much every single person was appreciated is to send individual notes for your unwavering appreciation. Our collection here at Smart Gift Solution has lots of different designs, so whether you want something simplistic and classic or colourful and eye-catching, there's something for everyone's tastes. Top tip: we think the best way to thank this lovely group is with personalised cards, to let them know although they shared their role with others, they were still of individual importance!

Flower Girl & Page Boy 

    Where would you be without the little ones walking down the aisle and making all your guests 'awwwww' at their adorable outfits? For the young ones playing a part in your wedding, it is always a great idea to show how much their attendance meant to you with a sweet little letter to make them feel special and appreciated. Even though they may be too young to understand, it can be a keepsake they grow to treasure, a gesture to remind them of their awesome day! Its not very often a flower girl and page boy get to walk down the aisle or hang out with all the cool family in matching outfits, so make sure they know how fab they were. 

    The Wonderful Service Staff

    In the process of thanking all of your closest friends and family, it can be easy to forget another very important selection of people - those who helped the magic happened and those who captured it all! Your officiant is the lovely person who officiates the wedding ceremony and blesses your marriage and your wedding photographer is that special somebody you've chosen to capture every moment. These two roles are an integral part of kicking the whole wedding ceremony off! It's not very well known that thanking these two people is essential when following wedding etiquette, and two forget these two roles in your big day would be a disaster! 


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