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Upcycling Your Used Wine Bottles

Upcycling Your Used Wine Bottles

You might already be recycling your used wine bottles, but have you considered upcycling your empty bottle and putting it to good practical use? There are plenty of ways you can reuse your wine bottle to make a great household item, and here at Really Wordy, we have endeavoured to find the weirdest and most wonderful creations that will add value to that used bottle! 



A Wine Garden Feature!




This kooky garden feature is a brilliant use of lots of empty wine bottles - a simple and easy way to make a unique path in your back garden! It doesn't take expense or buying extra complex materials and it looks great too!


Wine Bottle Wall


Create a Wine Wall!

Another awesome way of sprucing up your garden is by creating a decorative, colourful wall with your used wine bottles!

Transform something ordinary into something magical... Follow the link to Upcycled Garden Style's instructions on how to create this beautiful addition to your garden space. I love this idea, it's so beautiful.  


Wine-Boot-HoldersSave Your Boots!

We love this use for wine bottles found at Living Chic On The Cheap! Find a better way of organising your boots by using wine bottles to support your favourite shoes and keep them in place. Decorate the bottles with fancy works of art, such as wrapping paper and ribbon, and you'll have a shoe collection to be proud of in no time.


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